Personalized Portraiture

An oil portrait passed from generation to generation is an heirloom like no other. Intensely personal, the portrait of a family member is an investment in the future to be enjoyed by generations to come. Knowing this, artist Sallie Day Mogerman believes that sitting for one's portrait should be a pleasant and exciting event.

When you commission her to paint a personal portrait, a date is set for the initial sitting to discuss your ideas. Is it to be formal or casual? What clothing would best convey the desired mood? During this session, she may mix sample colors of the subject's skin tone, hair, and eyes. Once you've decided on dress and mood, a photo session is arranged during which she usually takes an extensive number of digital images with various poses, expressions, and lighting. Once a pose is chosen, subsequent sittings may be scheduled in the following weeks so that she can make alterations to the portrait if necessary and you may monitor its progress.

Completion Times

The time required to complete a portrait varies. A simple head and shoulders portrait can take two to four months to complete, while a larger and more complex work can take anywhere from six months to a year. The drying time of oils often dictates the time required for completion.

Samuel David
Old Man At Sea